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Neighborhood Fun

by Leslie on October 13, 2011

It’s been an interesting and fruitful year coming fully back into the “real world” after 10 years in academia. Since emerging from my action research cave, I’ve been hanging out listening to what’s really going on with the people in my communities – what they’re excited about and yearning for. This exploratory space has helped me to sort out where I am on my journey and what path(s) are truly calling me. In wisdom journey language, I’m now recognizing that my “postdoc incubation” searching period is moving into coalescence. Ideas are taking root as collaborative project seeds whose green shoots will be visible soon.

Lo and behold, I’m still headed in the same general direction. I still believe that local community resilience is the highest priority for Holo Sapien evolution; stay tuned for my dissertation-in-a-page synopsis in a future post. I’ve begun molding my dissertation into easily-digestible chunks as blogs, articles, and presentations. I’m self-publishing my dissertation at (available any day now!), with book publication a possible path ahead.

I’ve had a great time helping to kickoff a resilience project in my own community, starting with a Map Your Neighborhood emergency response program. I’m now a block captain, moving into new ways of neighbor caring and sharing. I’m working with many wonderful organizations creating systems and toolkits to support resilience, including the Gaiafield Alliance, HeartMath, the Pachamama Alliance, Bioneers, the Shift Network, Transition US, and others. I look forward to telling you more about their stories and new collaborative ventures in future blog episodes.

Today I’m headed off to the annual Bioneers conference from October 14-16 (, my favorite place to be inspired and informed by many of the best social and scientific innovators using “nature’s operating instructions” to organize an equitable, compassionate, and democratic society. Come join us live at several locations across the country or on the free webcast at

It’s a great time to be alive with you, my friends. Blessings to us all, Leslie

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