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by Leslie on October 1, 2010

Dear friends & family,
Welcome to my first blog ever! I’ve just finished my Ph.D. and sent my son off to college, so I’m ready (and happy) to be exploring this new way to connect with the people I care about all around the world.

I hope blogging will help me stay in touch with old friends and meet new ones without spending all my time sitting at my computer drowning in the webnoise of emails, Facebook, LinkedIn, classes, groups, projects, organizations, etc. I apologize to those of you who have been waiting to become friends with me on Facebook and LinkedIn for months or even years . Please don’t think I don’t like you; I’ve been avoiding online relationships in general! Even now as I venture out to play online, I’m still wondering how transparent I can be and whether I’ll get overwhelmed. How much do I show and tell about my family without sacrificing their privacy? How much do I reveal about my love life and broken places to my professional community? Thank you for being patient with me as I discover how to be more intimate with a whole planet…

I’m exploring simple online living. I’m not interested in having a zillion different websites for my own projects along with posting in all the organization websites I belong to. I’ve just spent years in school in order to create the space to reconcile the splits within myself (personal/professional, scientist/mystic, mom/minx, etc). Having worked so hard on the journey to wholeness in physical life, I’m darned if I’m willing to splinter my virtual identity! So, I invite you to help me experiment with my emerging web identity ecosystem.

For those who haven’t met me yet or who haven’t seen me for a long time, here’s the short version of what’s going in my life today. After growing up in upstate New York, I’ve lived in northern California (except for a couple years travelling here and there). I’m a single mom living with my daughter Lisa and dog Snoopy in the Santa Cruz mountains. My son Patrick just left for college (we miss him! but he’s loving life at Harvey Mudd in southern California). Both Patrick and Lisa are great young people: big-hearted, loyal friends, excellent students, and on-the-go. Patrick’s into computer games and hiking; Lisa was born to be on stage. My fabulous family is doing very well, enjoying my brother Chris’s new triplet baby girls. I’m headed back to NY for their baptism in a few weeks – exciting!

Finishing my Ph.D. dissertation was like delivering a 350-page baby. While I’ve been recuperating from birthing two children (the 350-page version and the lanky teenager version) into the broader world, I’ve been turning the Holo Sapien mandala into textile art and dreaming up what’s next. My research has been studying the wisdom systems that are working in the world today to help us learn how to live together so that our great-great-grandchildren of all species can thrive. I’m happy to report that there is great work happening that doesn’t make the evening news, so take heart, grab your courage, and dig in to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, y’hear?! I’m headed off to work with some of the incredible people and organizations that I’ve learned about; hope to meet you there!

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MM October 5, 2010 at 11:30 am

I am looking forward to reading the dissertation!

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