Our Birth as Holo Sapiens: Navigating our Passage through Climate Change

HoloSapien Model

Abstract Summary
The survival of the human species requires nothing less than re-defining who we are as humans. We are not just Homo sapiens descended from the apes, but Holo sapiens (whole knowing), aware that we literally embody a fractal part of the universal whole. The dawn of the early Holo sapien marks the birth of a global wisdom society. Our birth passage through such ecosocial crises as climate change, peak oil, and extreme poverty can be assisted by integral wisdom systems linking personal, collective, interior, and exterior growth. Wisdom systems guide us toward a sustainable, just, and soul-fulfilling wisdom society that benefits our entire earth community and the next seven generations.

This dissertation examines wisdom system patterns, provides a wisdom toolkit of intuitive models to guide our way, and recommends personal wisdom systems, collective reflection programs, community resilience networks, and strategic wisdom system development to best support wisdom society maturation.

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